Spending Hours Searching for the Right Vehicle

Can Be Daunting!

Tell us what you're looking for in a vehicle and we'll put you in touch with a Personal Shopping Assistant who will give you VIP service.

Our VIP Personal Shoppers are committed to helping you find the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle!

  • No Purchase Obligations. 
  • Keep in touch the way you want! We're in the 2020's so our team is fully capable of texting and emailing if that's your preferred method.
  • New/Used Inventory: As an auto group of 8 dealerships, we have a huge selection of in-house inventory to locate a vehicle from.
  • New Inventory: Build & Price. If a new vehicle is not currently available, we can place a custom order directly to the manufacturer.
  • New/Used Inventory: Check all incoming inventory to see what is available that may not be online yet.
  • New/Used Inventory: Dealer Trades. Car dealers often make trades with one another, all across Canada. This allows us to expand our search and make transportation arrangements to bring the vehicle to you.
  • Used Inventory: Review past customer purchases and contact them to see if they are interested in selling us their vehicle, if it is a match to the type of pre-owned vehicle you are looking for.
  • Used Inventory: Auctions - we get a front-row seat at dealer-only invitations for automotive auctions. When you tell us what you want, our VIP shoppers can bid on it in an auction, staying within your price range.

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